Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Do You Keep A Reading List?

On August 5th, 2010, I made a decision to read a million books before I die. As I was as of that writing 55 years old, I suspect this is a goal I will die reaching.

Today I finished book #276, The God Who Walks Besides Us, by David Roper. That means that in the last 2,856 days when I started this project, I read an average of one book every 10 days.

That actually is remarkably low from my more youthful rate of one book every six days.

I keep my list hidden on an old blog, but it is no longer public as I came under sharp criticism in the choice of my reading material. None of it is questionable as life is too short to waste on garbage, but as a writer I read a lot of genre material and there are people who believe the writing and reading of fiction is nothing more than a waste of time. I ignore them, but I keep my reading list to myself.

Anyway, do any of you keep a list of books you've read? Movies maybe? I'm curious as to your progress, not to compare as we are all different, but just curious.