Friday, April 24, 2015

Irish Stew

Making Irish Stew in a slow cooker today. The recipe was large enough to feed a small army and there was no way my slow cooker could even come close to holding just the six diced potatoes the recipe called for. I halved the recipe and now its simmering away on high.

Carrots, minced garlic clove, half an onion along with broth, tomato paste and some other odds and ends. Will report this evening how the experiment went.

The fun part was taking the cubed beef chuck, rolling it in flour and then searing it to hold in the flavor as it cooks. I gave Socrates (my Sheltie) two chunks of the raw meat and now that he has tasted blood, his wolfish genes have been rekindled. He now lurks and prowls the kitchen looking for unsuspecting beef chunks.

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