Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rowan Dreaming Is Live (With Bonus Story)

Rowan Dreaming is now live and includes the story, Strange Streets, as a bonus. For lovers of dark urban fantasy romances, it is only available as an eBook for the Kindle reader.

It was just a ball-jointed doll and for pawnbroker, Auden Gray, it was just another item to sell. Until Auden found his business partner dead with the doll in his arms. Investigating, Auden discovers the doll serves as a gateway to a dreamworld so seductive, men die under its spell. And Auden's time is running out as his resolve to discover the origin of the doll crumbles under the allure of Rowan, the dreamworld's sole resident. Rowan Dreaming is the second installment of my expanding Doll Wars saga, but can be read on its own without reading In The Father's Image.

Strange Streets is included in the work as a bonus telling the story of James and his cousin, Darcy, as their window shopping leads them to another world.

The work is 99¢ (U.S.) and Amazon estimates it takes 90 minutes to read both stories. As here in the United States, it is not uncommon to pay $8 to $10 for a 90 minute movie, this is a bargain. You can purchase the work by following the appropriate links below:

Amazon US

Amazon UK
Amazon Germany

Amazon Australia

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  1. I read ROWAN DREAMING last night and it's a very good story. Not usually a fan of romantic tales, but this one is great. I'll be doing a review of it in a day or so.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to read it.