Friday, April 1, 2016

My Favorite Online Comics

Below are links to my favorite online comics. Some of them do not support my personal world view, but if they make me laugh, make me care about their characters, amaze me with their storytelling or world construction or they make me think, I have included them. Caveat emptor and surf responsibly.
The links, which are in no particular order, will take you to the current comic. You will have to use the archive links to take you to the beginning of the comic itself and some of them go back years.

Direct links are the titles of the comics.

Rated PG-13 for frank references on sex and relationships, Brook McEldowney has drawn some very artistic panels. Starting his characters in high school, they have now graduated and well into their adult lives.

I would also rate this one PG-13 due to its medieval-era violence, but the world building in a universe of "funny animals" is top notch along with a surprisingly complex story line. Very sporadic in updating.

 The title character is a professional thief in Earth's far future and her escapades keep the law enforcement quite busy. However, you will quickly discover she has a heart of gold and even though she doesn't like to wear pants, the fan service is kept at a bare (no pun intended) minimum.

Set in another "funny animal" universe, the complex story line of civilized animals still dealing with prey-predator relationships will certainly keep your attention. The strip takes place in an anthropomorphic Australia and sometimes the references go over my head, but give the strip a try. One warning: the artist is addicted to puns big time.

Set in a not-so-distant post-apocalyptic future, artist Aaron Neathery has crafted an amazingly complex world and story line where underground residents of a virus that has transformed them into various anthropomorphic animals are in constant danger of their lives from what true humans still exist. One does not read Endtown. One invests in it. Not for the kiddies in spite of the "funny animals."

It is impossible to praise this delightful comic enough. The husband and wife team of Robert and Margaret Carspecken have effectively constructed one of the most wonderful comics around about animals living on a farm that provides animal actors for movies and television. Do read this one. The characters are wonderful and 100% family friendly.

The steampunk world of Agatha Hetrodyne is brought to life by the husband and wife team of Phil and Kaja Foglio. Follow the adventures of a super-smart heroine who can build marvels that out-MacGyver, MacGyver.

 I fell in love with this delight from Day One. Though the artist repeats a lot of the strips (what he calls classics) the ongoing adventures of gods and goddesses as children attending school for future deities is as charming as it gets.

With very simple art, Rich Burlew draws and writes a comic where your classic Dungeons and Dragons characters enact an adventure to save the world, but somehow know they are living and acting in a role-playing game. 

Cute and funny, character Phoebe tries to live out her grade-school life with nerd parents, the popular and pretty girl who is also a bully, as well as a magical unicorn who is as vain as vain can be.

I can't help it. It's the art. I just love the way Vivienne Medrano draws.

I know I have missed plenty. There are numerous comics that are now in graveyards because the artists and writers moved on and someday I may compile a list of comics that I dearly loved, but are no longer being produced. In the comments, please let me know some of your favorites.

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