Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Draft of the Shrine War is Complete!

Topping the word count at 11,800 words, I wrapped up The Shrine War, brought everything to a conclusion, and did a subtle ending that leaves open the remote possibility of a sequel.

I started writing the tale on May 28th and there are doubts that if it takes this long to write the first draft of a short story, I can forget becoming a millionaire on quantity alone.

And I know writers who can crunch out a short story in a month! How do they do that?

And there are prolific writers who can crunch out a novel in that time!

Well, can't compare myself to others. That way, madness lies.

But I am done with the first draft. Break out the beverages and bring on the dancing bears! Let the party commence!

And tomorrow night (Monday) three editor friends start the look over. I love these people because when they are done the manuscript looks like it came in at last place in a meat cleaver battle.

And 99.99999% of the time, their edits are spot on.

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