Saturday, December 24, 2016

Coming In Time for the New Year

Yes, I honestly thought I'd have this released in time for Christmas, but I have strong standards and kept finding errors. I think the fifth time through the approval process should do the trick and the result is a paperback and an eBook I'm proud of.

I stripped the cost down as far as Amazon would allow me so the paperback is $5.49 and the eBook is around $1.49.

This book is not yet released, but I will announce its Amazon advent within the next five days.

The ten tales are:
  1. For The Reader - a anthropomorphic vixen goddess introduces the collection with a shocking revelation of what you actually hold in your hands. 
  2. Adrift Off the Great Red Spot, 22°51’23.14”S, 98°49’24.40”W - in the near future, a gas miner flying the clouds of Jupiter finds himself adrift and approaching certain death in Jupiter's centuries old storm known as The Great Red Spot.
  3. The Case of the Missing Glasses - Detective Nick Weaver discovers his new client is not only beautiful, but visually impaired.
  4. Timely Revenge - a sf tale of discovery, creation, and cold-hearted revenge.
  5. The Furry Con Mystery - once again we go into the world of detective noir where the detective searches for his client's son who went missing at a furry convention.
  6. Gray Matter - what if alien abductions were reversed and we started abducting them?
  7. Kill Your Darlings - a writer's dream turns into a nightmare when one of his literary creations vows revenge.
  8. I Have Seen the Future and the Future Is Diesel - diesel punk in a dystopian world of oppression and liberation.
  9. Wolf Hunter - a fantasy tale reversing the tropes of Little Red Riding Hood.
  10. Leywood Manor - formerly known as Yew Manor, Leywood Manor is the philosophical companion to my seminal work, Coventry House.

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