Sunday, April 30, 2017

Unsettling Experiences And High Strangeness

Allow me to start this piece by saying that I do not believe in "ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night," yet I confess in my 62 years I have had some very strange experiences that do not neatly fit into my worldview. Some of them I have shared on this blog so allow me to encourage you to put on your Skeptic Hat and share some of my experiences with you. Some of them might seem quite droll, but others might tickle your desire for the occasional weird story tempered with the knowledge that I affirm I directly experienced each one. I will leave it to you as judge, jury, and executioner to pass judgment.

  1. The Woman Who Carries Her Dead
  2. There is A Place ...
  3. Ranger Loewen vs. The Night People
  4. Alan Loewen vs. The Oak Fairy
  5. Alan Loewen vs. The Haunted Staircase
  6. March of 2017 Was One Weird Month 
  7. A True Story Wherein I Glimpse Real Wonder  
In the weeks ahead, I hope to add to my collection. I collect "unique" experiences like most people collect stamps.


  1. Did you ever learn anything about that one man who passed along the written Hebrew benediction?

    1. Unfortunately not. To this day we have no idea who the man was.

    2. You draw such interesting people.