Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Smug Position of Power? Um...

Many years ago, I used to review classic literary works for a website that offered free eBooks.

One such book was The Smoky God or, A Voyage to the Inner World, by Willis George Emerson (1856 - 1918), a piece of fluff pulp fantasy good for a momentary diversion. However, the tale has survived the years because True Believers in the Hollow Earth Theory refuse to believe the book is fiction and maintain that every word is true. My review made reference to this.

You can imagine my surprise when somebody then posted a review of the work which was actually a review of my review:

I wield my toilet plunger like a SCEPTER!

What surprised me was not that my review came under criticism, but that I unknowingly held a smug position of power. I immediately demanded of my employers proper compensation, but they only laughed.

I only write reviews for Amazon at this time, but I'm still looking for my smug position of power.

Hmmm. Maybe Walmart is that golden ticket I need.

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  1. Gads, what an idiot (or troll). Let us mock his stupidity and move on with our lives.