Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Too Many Works In Progress!

Having ADD, I find it impossible to work on one story at a time and many times I'll be working on a tale when another one will come to mind and I have to start work on it as well. What follows is a comprehensive list of my WIPs followed by a short description.

The ones that are bolded (there are ten of them) are the ones I am genuinely committed to complete. The others will be put on a Maybe Someday pile:

  1. Chaos carolinensis (Monster horror pulp)
  2. Dinker (Children’s fantasy)
  3. Doc John Foster (Space opera) 
  4. Doll Wars (Braided novel of dark fantasy romance) 
  5. Elysia House (Magical house fantasy) 
  6. Fandom Weirdness (Horror satire) 
  7. Greengate (Novelization of Greengate short story: Dark fantasy) 
  8. Healing For the Damaged Soul (nonfiction-self help) 
  9. Home Invasion (Cthulhu mythos horror) 
  10. In Search of the Creators (Anthropomorphic SF) 
  11. Jill Noir (Braided novel of anthropomorphic SF) 
  12. Lady Of Obivion (Dreamlands dark fantasy) 
  13. Leida and the Swan (fantasy romance) 
  14. Llanganati (Pulp adventure) 
  15. Lord Of All Futures (Post-apocalyptic dystopia) 
  16. Lynx Syndrome (Anthropomorphic SF) 
  17. Mirthstone Hall (Magical house fantasy) 
  18. One Man (SF) 
  19. ORCS (Adventure horror) 
  20. Paladin (Super hero) 
  21. Proteus (Anthropomorphic SF) 
  22. Rabbits In Space (Anthropomorphic SF) 
  23. Shattered Horn (Anthropomorphic SF)
  24. Silvanus House (Magical house fantasy)
  25. Sister Unicorn (Anthropomorphic fantasy)
  26. Slenderman (Horror)
  27. Spiegelhaus (Magical house fantasy)
  28. Steampunk Fragment (Steampunk)
  29. Sump Hole (Horror)
  30. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (rewrite of Lovecraft's masterpiece: Dark fantasy)
  31. The Fractured World (Anthropomorphic SF)
  32. The Tree (SF)
  33. Universal Girl (SF)
  34. William Glacken (Cthulhu mythos horror)
  35. Yew Manor (Novelization of Yew Manor short story: Magical house fantasy)
  36. Yggdrasil (Anthropomorphic SF)

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