Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wonderful Trainwreck Quotes

I read a story in the public domain and relished the delightful train wreck that it was.

For your amusement, quotes from a public domain story that prove that revision of your work is sometimes a really, really good idea:
  • In her mind was something dark, grotesque as it was something watching her from deep in her emotional psyche.
  •  … sometimes weird things happen to the writers and they share their experiences - sometimes they experience things that would be in the imagination of the fringe genre called bizarre…
  • "Every graphic detail right down to the severed hands," Michael replied while inhaling on a square.
  • Michael stepped inside, it was growing deathly cold as his breath was able to be seen outside and the days waned into night.
  • It was a few hours later when Michael finished his beer and smoked his last cigarette.
  • "So this is a bit tattoo writing weird fiction stories with actors and authors as characters then doing perverse things to them," (writer means ‘taboo.’)
  • She was staring into the darkness at this point, and in her mind were bugbears that were dark, surreal and wandered within her emotions. (I'm putting this gem on a tee-shirt.)
  • "This diner, is one of the creepiest damn places I ever seen," Karen replied as she felt the goose bumps crawl up her flesh. "It looks like it was decorated by R.L. Stine."
  • "A Hardline Republican, that is rare.”
  • “Conservatives have a darker imagination because they explore subject matter such as a liberal's nightmare and see it from a nightmarish way."
  • She kept thinking of Cicerone's dark nonfiction stories relating his horrors dealing with his health, acute cases of bronchitis where he was vomiting vast amounts of blood.
  • "He was influenced by the books Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.”


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    1. I'd rather not say as the author is a convicted stalker and has been arrested for making terroristic threats.