Friday, June 10, 2016

Rowan Dreaming: Read It Yet?

Rowan Dreaming is a dark fantasy romance with a body count and is only a mere 99¢ as a Kindle eBook.
This novella drew me in right away and held my attention right to the end. It was delightfully creepy without any of the violence or gore so prominent in a lot of paranormal/horror fiction. It's obvious from the start that there is "something" about the doll, Rowan, that just isn't right, and the protagonist sets out to discover what that something is before he too succumbs to its curse. The ending was satisfying, although not at all what I was expecting. (Amazon review)
Part of my Doll Wars cycle, the story centers on Auden Gray, a pawnbroker who receives a ball-jointed doll and saw it only as an exotic toy to sell. Until Auden found his business partner dead with the doll in his arms. Investigating, Auden discovers the doll serves as a gateway to a dreamworld so seductive, men die under its spell. And Auden's time is running out as his resolve to discover the origin of the doll crumbles under the allure of Rowan, the dreamworld's sole resident.
This is another bit of classic horror from author Alan Loewen. Done in the tone and feel of works by Blackwood or M.R. James, the novella tells us about some unlucky people who come into contact with the strange doll, Rowan, and what happens to them. Some may be groaning at the prospect of 'Not another evil doll story!' but this is different. It plays with that classic trope and surprises you with an original yet logical end. (Amazon Review)
 As a bonus, the story comes with another dark fantasy romance, Strange Streets.

For 99¢, enjoy a story that costs far less than a ticket to the movies and can be enjoyed over and over again.

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