Sunday, June 12, 2016

A New Review of Opal Wine

Just came across this review today even though it was posted about 6 weeks ago.

Reviews inspire me to write more.

Opal Wine is my anthropomorphic story collection and features a baker's dozen of stories for your entertainment:
  • The Substance of Things Hoped For  
  • The Clockwork Cat  
  • Sawyer  
  • Fox Hunt  
  • Festival of Masks  
  • Wild Carrot  
  • A Fairy Tale  
  • My Pretty Pony  
  • Night Mares  
  • Storyteller  
  • Lair of The White Rabbit: A Collection Of Unexplored Vignettes  
  • Pick’s Model  
  • Coventry House

In-depth reviews of Opal Wine can be found here and here and the collection can be purchased through your country's Amazon.

Opal Wine (United States) Kindle eReader and Paperback
Opal Wine (Canada) Kindle eReader and Paperback
Opal Wine (United Kingdom) Kindle eReader ONLY
Opal Wine (Australia) Kindle eReader ONLY

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