Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Come Into My Cellar is LIVE

My newest chapbook, Come Into My Cellar: Darker Tales From A Cerebral Vault is live. Twenty nine pages of dark dreams and darker visions, BUT DON'T BUY IT!. Soon I will reveal how you can get this little gem and other examples of my work simply by making a small donation to a nonprofit in some unfortunate struggles.

The work's centerpiece is In The Father's Image that takes place in London, England in the first year of John F. Kennedy's presidency. A doll store and its eccentric owner conceals a dark secret. The story is the first chapter in my Doll Wars novel hopefully to be released within the year.

Come Into My Cellar is my dark tribute to the wonder of the written language. I love English and I love the magic of words.

Blood and China takes place in an auction hall in Paris, France, just one year before the Nazis invade. Could a bidding war be the real cause of World War II? An dark tongue-in-cheek trek into the fantasy of "What if..."

The Vicarage is part of the opening essay into a future collection that features a trio of tales all about magical houses.

Stay tuned. I am committed to your entertainment.

Review copies of
Come Into My Cellar: Darker Tales From A Cerebral Vault is available for legitimate reviewers.

Addendum: Just discovered the Look Inside feature gives you the entire opening essay. Enjoy for free.

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