Friday, May 1, 2015

The Best Villains All Drive Jaguars

 I love villains. I love good advertising campaigns. 

The 2014 SuperBowl saw an award-winning advertisement from Jaguar with star power from Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, and Mark Strong all promoting Jaguars with what is known as "the Alpha Male."

And instead of making them James Bonds and other hero-types, they made them...villains.

The “Making Of…” video is a great tutorial for writers who want to make the best bad guys possible.
Following on the heels of their popular SuperBowl ad on villains, Jaguar came out with five more that told together tell something of a “Day in the Life of a Villain” story. In order, they are:
My favorite line: “The spoils of a day well lived.”

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