Friday, July 17, 2015

Can I Help Your Social or Community Organization? Here's How.

On August 22nd, I am going to be delivering my seminar on how to write your memoirs at Christ Community Church in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public, but I would be delighted to present my two-hour seminar to your church, library, community organization, senior citizens group, VFW, or any other social organization.

It's two hours delivered with humor and a lot of audience involvement and I walk you step by step through the 100% painless process of promoting and organizing the event.

And if you want to open the event to the general public, I even write your advertising copy!

And, yes, your organization can easily afford me. Inspiring people to write their life story is a mission for me so contact me and let's set up a date.

Write to me at AT gmail DOT com.

(I also do magic shows for audiences up to 70 people ;-)

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