Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sadly, There Is A Used Bookstore That Will Never See Me Again :-(

Today as I drove through a small town just north of me, a used bookstore that I have patronized for 19 years came into view and though my time was short, I had money and a need so I pulled into the parking lot and stepped inside.

I have no idea who the person was who waited on me, but it was not the elderly couple that have been behind the counter in times past. Also, I was the only patron in the store and the woman was clearly bored out of her mind.

But I explained my need to her and the titles and authors of the two books that I was looking for and I made it clear I was all...

Fortunately, the SF and fantasy section was alphabetized and they did not have the book I craved. 

The other book was in the comparative religions section.

She showed me three huge bookshelves with books two deep, a hodgepodge of barely related titles and subjects with no recognizable order. There must have been a thousand of them. She waved her hand, boredom on her face. "It's probably in there somewhere."

"Sorry, I said, "but I'm coming back from a business trip and I'm on a schedule. Could you help me scan just the first rows and help me find the title? It's very common. I'm certain you have it."

She turned and walked away and said over her shoulder. "It's in there somewhere. You might want to come back some other day."

Nope. I'm not.

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