Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another Question for Numismatists with Experience in Chinese Coins

This coin amulet is purported to be from the Jiaqing Emperor aka Emperor Jen Tsung or Chai-Ch'ing (13 November 1760 – 2 September 1820) who was the seventh emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and the fifth Qing emperor to rule over China from 1796 to 1820.

The seller informed me that this object was not meant to be used as a coin, but as an amulet or charm to increase one's luck, especially financial.

Again, I would be grateful for any information that could shed more light on this coin, probably from the early 19th century. The writing is said to be in the Manchu style. If you can shed any light on this, please shoot me an email at magic.by.alan AT gmail DOT com.

Please be aware that until I can talk to an expert, some or all of this information may be incorrect. Also, the orientations of the coin may be incorrect as well.

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