Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shrine War Has Been Accepted For Publication!

This morning I received some of the best news an author could receive:
Dear Alan;
Congratulations! Your story, "The Shrine War," has been chosen for publication in FurPlanet Productions' The Dogs of War.

Actually, FurPlanet's goal was 120,000 to 150,000 words. We got almost 40 stories and 300,000 words. So FurPlanet has decided to accept all the stories and to publish two anthologies, one in January and one later in the year. Your story will be published now.

Best wishes;
Fred Patten
The Shrine War took 116 days to research, write and revise and it was a labor of love. I'm delighted beyond words that Fred accepted my work and that it will be shared with the world. Thanks to everybody who walked this path of creation with me on this blog.

I especially want to thank Emily Parke Chase, Kathy McQuaig, John Walker, and Eric Hinkle for their editing help.

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