Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Today's #WIPJOY challenge is to take a line from my current work in progress that refers to death or dreams. 

In the First section of The Shrine War, five kitsune shrine maidens (known as miko in Shintoism, are defending their shrine against an invading force of Inugami, normal dogs transformed into sentient, anthropomorphic servants through evil Daoist magic. 

In the story, a lone Inugami breaks into the honden and is captured, killing herself through seppuku rather than remain a prisoner.

When the remainder of the Inugami force their way into the honden, Sen, the leader of the Kitsune shrine maidens, tries to explain why their companion is dead on the floor. The point that I'm making is that when you are birthed in pain and torment and forced to live as a slave, death is not to as feared as those who enjoy life and liberty:
Chiyo flung open the front doors. Outside, seven Inugami stood with drawn swords, two more of them supported by the others, barely conscious. “Enter, dogs,” Chiyo growled and turning her back on them she stalked over to Sen and sat down beside her. 
The Inugami entered, their eyes searching the shadows for possible ambush. 
Sen motioned toward the fallen Inugami. “Your sister died by her own hand,” she said quietly. “She died with honor.” 
One of the Inugami stepped forward, an Akita Inu shaped into human female form, her white fur stained with dirt and debris. “The Inugami care naught for honor,” she said. “I am Akumu of the Inugami. Do you surrender yourselves and your shrine?”

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