Friday, October 26, 2018


Today's WIPJOY challenge is to talk about killing characters.

Tough one. Let me explain.

I seldom kill characters, but when they do it is always off screen. The only exception is the story Killer Lullabies, the first story in my Dark Dreams and Darker Visions collection about a vigilante who hunts down serial killers. That is the only story where death takes place on the screen and I describe dead bodies.

Dr. Angerman’s hand moved in a blur, but the woman moved faster. She laughed as she held up her teddy bear. The doctor’s scalpel protruded from its abdomen. 
“I’m a black belt in various martial arts, Doctor. Seeing as my father is in the NSA, he insisted that I learn a lot of self-defense.” 
Angerman smiled as he swept his hands behind his back and with the grace of a dancer brought them forward. In each hand, five scalpels reflected back the brilliance of the lantern light. 
“Oh, dear,” the woman said. “You’ve made a big mistake.” 
“Oh,” Angerman snarled, “and how does ten flying scalpels that you cannot hope to block with your toy be a mistake?” 
“Well, it’s because you brought knives to gun fight.” Amanda’s teddy bear suddenly exploded outward in a burst of white cotton and Angerman felt the punch of the hollowpoint slug rip through his chest. 
He remained oblivious to the next five.

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