Thursday, October 25, 2018


In today's challenge, I'm to answer the question, how would my main character react to seeing a ghost?

Well, since all my main characters are immersed in the world of Japanese mythology, their reaction would not be anything spectacular though some would be neutral toward it and some would see it as a weapon, depending on whether they are good or evil.

Sen and her kitsune sisters that oversee a hidden Shinto shrine have the power to summon and command an oni, a type of Japanese yōkai, synonymous with what westerners would call an ogre or a troll. I have taken liberties with the traditional oni and made it more like a ghost-like creature. Here is a description of an oni from The Shrine War when Sen summons one to fight for her:
Again, Sen’s fingers twisted the prayer chain within a complex dance of her fingers and suddenly an oni, a Japanese yōkai composed of pale, blue fire in the shape of a giant man, stood before her. Sen pointed at the Inugami who assumed a fighting stance. 
“I forbid you to shed blood in the oratory,” she said to the oni between gritted teeth. She pointed at the Inugami. “Humble it and remove its reason.” 
With a scream from the Inugami and a roar from the oni, Sen watched as they charged each other. 
The oni’s only potent weapon was possession. If it could grapple with the intruder, it would enter her body and render its victim helpless. 
Ignoring Sen, the Inugami spun about the oni using her katana to cut away segments of the blue fire. Sen could see her summoned creature diminishing before her as the oni lost its cohesiveness, and Sen felt panic for the first time in centuries. She had invested much of her magical power in calling the dæmon and she had stretched her reservoir of magic to its limits.

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